The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions of the relationship between users and subscribers with the owners of the web page www.englishspeakingdoctors.com (hereinafter “EDS” “WE”, “US” or “WEB”) by using the website and/or by subscribing with us, you accept the total content of these terms and conditions, and the privacy policy, accepting [in case of conflict or dispute] the legislation of Spain, designating the Madrid court as the jurisdiction for resolution of any claim. The user or subscriber agrees to carefully read and accept these conditions.

As a general principle, any use other than that expressly authorized should be understood as prohibited.


WEBSITE. All pages and containing hyperlinks under www.englishspeakingdentist.com domain.

USER. Any person who accesses our website.

SUBSCRIBER. any dentist or clinic that hires an advertising service through our website through the plans and services.

INFORMATION FILE. set of identifying data contained in the subscription form.

INFORMATION: content, text, data, graphics, images, information, tips, guidance, and other material (collectively, “Information”).


Some of the services provided by ESD can be used without previous registration, but to become part of our directory as a subscriber [you must be a health professional or a health company] you must authorize the use and disclosure of your personal [including licences or academic] information to allow us to provide the Services and as disclosed in our Privacy Policy.

As a user you acknowledge that although some of the information you might receive by using our services could be provided by health professionals, the request or reception of any information provided by English-speaking Dentists cannot be understood as a patient-dentist relationship and never create medical advice, medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment, even that in some cases may assist you. Any medical relationship should be understood between the medical professional and you, never with ESD.

The purpose of the website is to provide information about medical services available in English in the countries we operate.

We also allow Dentists, Clinics, and other medical service providers [with the ability to provide services in English] to have visibility and access to potential patients.

The user and/or subscriber guarantees the authenticity and updating of all the data communicated to English-speaking Dentists will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made.


All the information provided by the website is intended to promote scheduling between our subscribers [dentists and clinics] and users [patients] therefore no information can be understood as medical advice.

Our service aims to help find health resources in English easily, although we cannot provide all the specialties in every country, we work in.

The specialties in which we divide dentists are the usual ones in English-speaking countries, in some countries they may not coincide with the names of official degrees. The name chosen for the specialty is intended to provide information to the patient and not to verify the official qualification of the dentist. For example, in many countries cosmetic dentistry is divided into different degrees or medical activities, generally, we will call it “cosmetic”, without implications on the official degree of the dentist.

Some of the resources we include on our web are collected from websites, professional directories, or public information. Others are provided directly by our subscriptions. It will be transmitted based on the information provided [such as specialty, or location]. Although we make the best effort to guarantee the veracity and accuracy of the information, we might [but have no obligation to] review the information provided by our subscribers, for that reason we have no full control over the quality, authenticity, or updating information submitted. We strongly recommend investigating prior to selecting a health resource, advising that you are ultimately responsible for choosing the appropriate doctor or clinic. No information can be guaranteed, no liability can be claimed for accuracy, incomplete, omission, or error in the information on our website.

Once you contact one of the dentists or clinics registered on our website, a direct relationship with said professionals begins, independent and separate from our company, over which we have no control. We will not be liable for the service provided by the professional or company chosen by you. No responsibility can be demanded for the services, procedures, products, and others supplied by our subscribers.


All the information contained on the website belongs to ESD, which includes text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, design, and source codes, no one is authorized to make any use beyond the strictly necessary use of the purpose of the website unless you receive an express and specific authorization to do so.

The users of the web can visualize the content and make a private copy but not transfer it to third parties, nor install it on servers connected to networks, nor subject to any type of exploitation, neither free nor commercial.

The trademarks, trade names, or distinctive signs of any kind that appear on the website are the property of ESD, access to them does not give any right over them.

The dentists and clinics subscribed to the page will have the right to include in their marketing systems [including their web pages] the logo of our company [only during the subscription period], a link directed to our website is mandatory in that case. That does not indicate, in any case, the existence of relationships between ESD and the owner of the website on which the link is established, nor does ESD accept and approve its contents or services.

To copy, distribute, publish, sell, or exploit any of the content, or exploit the Sites in whole or in part, for any commercial or not purposes, is forbidden.

All information provided by the subscribers [any type] and users, will be granted a free royalty and transferable global license to reproduce, distribute, use and display that information for correct use of the services of our website, including without limitation the promotion and redistribution in any format all or part of the content, in any format or communication channel.


The content of the WEB is for informational purposes only, no access guarantee to all content, or its completeness, correctness, update or timeliness, or its suitability or usability for a specific purpose.

EnglishSpeakingDentists.com excludes any liability for damages of any kind arising from:

  • The possibility to access the website or veracity, accuracy, completeness, and/or update of the contents.
  • Any vices and defects of the contents accessed through the website or the services offered.
  • The presence of viruses or other elements [created by third parties] in the web content that may cause alterations in computer systems, electronic documents, or user data.
  • Failure to comply with the laws and traffic uses and this document due to the incorrect use of the website.
  • Third parties’ actions that break intellectual and industrial property rights, business secrets, honor or integrity rights, personal and family privacy, and the image itself, as well as the regulations on the matter of unfair competition and illegal advertising.
  • Any information not managed directly by our webmaster.
  • Accessibility, legality, accuracy, or veracity of the linked sites
  • If any user or subscriber notices the existence of actions or information, that could be considered against the law, good faith, or inappropriate, contact ESDto communicate those actions are mandatory, identifying themselves and providing an operational communication address.

Our web does not suggest or invite you to visit the linked sites but informs the user about the existence of health sources that may be useful.


EnglishSpeakingDentists.com, in compliance with the Spanish Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, informs you that:

  • The business responsible is Mr. Adolfo Aguirre
  • The business domine name is www.englishspeakingdentists.com
  • Its NIF: 16023847t
  • Permanent establishment in Spain is sited in Costa Rica 8th street. Madrid. Spain

To communicate with us, we put at your disposal different means of contact that we detail below:

  • Email: webmaster at) englishspeakingdentists.com
  • Postal address: Costa Rica St. #8 Bajo A. Madrid 28016. Spain.

All notifications and communications between users or subscribers and englishspeakingdentists.com will be considered effective, for all purposes, when they are made through any of the means detailed above.


englishspeakingdentists.com is a website where you can find health resources in English, we provide Dentists, Clinics, and other companies related to health services a way to promote their services and products.

The health services promotion system is based on an information file for medical professionals.

Users can freely find an English-speaking dentist or clinic close to their geo-location in all the countries where we are established in.

There are two other promotion systems, besides the information file for medical professionals where complete information about the professional is transmitted, a second system that highlights the clinics, hospitals, and health insurance that have more English-speaking Dentists.

Pharmaceutical and laboratory companies can also transmit information regarding their services and products using the private forum accessible to subscribed dentists.

ESD reserves the right to decide, at any time, the services offered to Users and subscribers, we might add new ways to promote the dentist’s information, and to withdraw or stop offering, without prior communication, any of the current services offered.


The information contained on the website is accessible exclusively to persons of legal age, in accordance with the legislation of the user’s country of residence.

Access to the information as a user requires no subscription.

Some of the information contained on the web is exclusively accessible to the subscribed dentists, in this case, it will be necessary to provide a username and password that will allow identification and access to exclusive information.

All data collected by registration will be used for the purpose of the web, to provide a correct service to the subscriber, and it will be treated with the guarantees established in the Spanish data protection law, development of European data protection directives.

The subscriber is responsible for treating confidentially all the information accessible by username and password, as well as not giving access to third parties.

The subscriber is fully responsible for any damage that occurs by violating this confidentiality or misusing the custody of her password.


ESD is not responsible for the lack of veracity, accuracy, and updating of the content and information provided by professionals, clinics, and other companies, related to the provision of their medical services or the specific conditions of compliance. In the same way, we are not responsible for any study, diagnosis, treatment, prognostic, or other information submitted by a dentist or clinic to users, customers, or patients, that relation between dentist and patient is carried out of our control

Every user, customer, or patient undertakes to hold ESD harmless from any claim arising from incidents arising from any of the causes described above.


Any query related to the operation of the website, information, or availability of services, the user should contact the specified mails for users in our web page.


The present conditions will be governed by current Spanish legislation, the language to use in case of claim or conflict will be Spanish, and the jurisdiction Madrid courts,

The claimant renounces the jurisdiction that may correspond, accepting the courts of Madrid as a jurisdiction to resolve any conflict. That renounce applies to any claimant including but not limited to users, customers, subscribers, clinics, insurances, and producers.


According to Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services:

  1. we will communicate any term or condition that may affect the users 15 days in advance
  2. in case of suspension or restriction of our services we will provide the reason.
  3. Classification conditions: there is no other classification but specialty and geolocation of the professional’s subscribers. Banners will be assigned to the clinics and/or insurances with more subscribes on our website.

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